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IMPORTANT: Notice To All CWE Developers

This is an emergency post following an announcement by Cyan Worlds, Inc..

An emergency situation has arisen quite rapidly over the last 24 hours. In short, three files in the CWE sources are in violation of licensed code by RAD Game Tools: Plasma20/Sources/Plasma/FeatureLib/pfSurface/plLayerBink.cpp, Sources/Tools/MaxPlasmaMtls/plBinkMipmap.cpp and Sources/Plasma/PubUtilLib/plPipeline/plBinkPlayer.cpp. You absolutely have to delete these files from any cloned repository you might have - completely. This means that you must perform a complete rebase removing these files from the initial source release, so that they never appear ever again. As a first measure, make a commit removing those files from your fork. They contain code belonging to RAD Game Tools, and were accidentally released by Cyan as they were unaware of its origin at the time..

Complete discussion:

This affects all known forks and branches, including H'uru.

Failure to so could result in prosecution of Cyan Worlds by RAD Game Tools for releasing copyrighted code, which would be A Bad Thing(TM).

If you need help removing these files, please contact one of the developers (including me) for instructions on how to proceed. Speed is essential in removing these files.

Note: your client will probably no longer compile if you remove this file. A fix will be distributed once it has been found.

If removing this file is too time-consuming and/or difficult, simply delete your fork or make it private until the original code is ususable once more, following which you can clone it anew.

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All Guilds Meeting - December 2012

We're back with another report from the All Guilds Meeting, which fell nicely on the first of the month!  And of course, no AGM summary would be complete without chatlogs, both raw and cleansed.  Here's what went down:

Heritage Night

DimensionTravelerCalum came up to update everyone on the status of HN.  It will return for every Sunday @ 12:00 KI time starting in January (the 6th) and continuing into the beginning of March.  He is also looking for anyone interested in conducting some of these gatherings, as well as weekday HNs and also meetings in other languages.  For more info, visit the site.

Mac and rarified were next to present some news from Cyan and Minkata shard.  Cyan is planning on switching its server to an annual contract, which is projected to lower the total yearly cost about 30 to 40 percent.  This will hopefully be done by the end of the year.  As for the Minkata shard, testing on the new physics updates continues, with more events in the near future.  Rarified mentioned a client that would handle transferring marker games to and from MOULa as well.

Guild of Writers Lire la suite

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All Guilds Meeting - October 2012

Shorah everyone!  Another month goes by and another All Guilds Meeting brings a flurry of activity to Kirel on an otherwise peaceful Saturday.  Things started off by giving Leonardo a proper thank you for his service as moderator.  And of course, the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs are here for those that couldn't make it.

Here's the usual Guild of Messengers' All Guilds Meeting Summary (tm)!


Ly was first up to discuss the latest upgrades he's made to Lyrobot, who, for the first time, joined everyone for the meeting.  These changes include:

  • Able to page in several avatars like Kodama and Blake and animate them properly.
  • Can link you to more Ages by PM, including one of the Bahro caves.
  • A more improved teleport function for within Ages.
  • More control over how much your avatar shrinks or grows with an optional size modifier.

Check Lyrobot's site linked above for more information!

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Fan Ages on MO:ULa: coming soon?

Fan NexusFor years, fans have yearned for the ability to bring fan Ages into Cyan's official shard (MO:ULa). It now suddenly seems like those dreams are becoming very real! After communication between and Cyan Worlds Inc., during which Cyan gave the go-ahead to start bringing content into MO:ULa, a public debate was started to discuss the best means to present these Ages to explorers, with various options being proposed in this thread. Much of the talk so far has centered around how to integrate these Ages story-wise with the exisitng Ages. These are the main options proposed during the discussion: Lire la suite

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Age Comparisons - K'veer

In this article I am going to compare K'veer between the versions in Myst Online: Uru Live Again (MOULa) and Myst V: End Of Ages.

  • NOTE: Myst V: End Of Ages on the left, MOULa on the right

When you start your game in Myst V, you start in the upper room in K'veer surrounded by metal doors, all of which are closed.  With you in the room are a number of Bahro, which soon disappear upon your arrival, leaving you alone.  You notice the room is shaking as the lamps are swinging and there are periodic earthquakes.  What is missing from the centre of the room, which is in MOULa, is the pedestal with the linking book to Myst Library on it.  You'll also notice the walls are brighter in Myst V and rock above the doors is darker and more pronounced in MOULa.  The floor pattern is also different.  This room appears in other games as well, namely Myst and Riven, with Atrus sitting at the desk. Lire la suite

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